Volunteer Opportunities at Marin's Long-Term Care Facilities
If you have 60 minutes and a little love to spare, you are a perfect volunteer candidate for LITA Marin. Our kindhearted volunteers receive the opportunities to visit the lonely and isolated elderly in long-term senior living facilities throughout Marin County, California. LITA volunteers bring needed companionship to socially isolated residents of Marin's long-term care facilities. No special skills are required, just time to devote one hour each week and the desire to make a friend.

One-to-One Friends
One-to-One Friends is the heart of LITA's face of friendship for the elderly and disabled.   We screen and match volunteers with residents of long-term care facilities for weekly visits. LITA volunteers bring friendship, laughter, and something to look forward to for otherwise isolated elderly people. Over 60% of the elderly living in facilities receive very few visitors.

The Pet Connection
When people move into a long-term care facility, they often leave a beloved pet behind. This is a devastating separation from their companion. With The Pet Connection, volunteers bring their pets as part of their weekly visits. Pet therapy visits help pet lovers make connections with people who have not been responsive to other types of interactions. LITA accepts well behaved pets with basic obedience and commands mastered. The Canine Good Citizen Test is the guideline to behaviors needed to be a successful Pet Connection friend.

LITA Families
This program matches families with residents of facilities for weekly visits. Some visit several people at smaller facilities, while others are matched with one individual for long-term friendship and support. A family visit to a LITA elder is a source of much joy and learning for all involved.

Bridging Generations
Our program matches elementary school classes with residents of care facilities for periodic visits during the school year. It is a mutually beneficial experience for both parties as they develop warm and close friendships. LITA provides the needed coordination, project supplies, and transportation in order to make this a meaningful experience.